Motivation for Murder

Intentionally killing someone is an extreme act to carry out. Even during wars soldiers can become traumatised by the killing of another human being, it goes against everything we are taught not to do as grow older, however, in a war it is often acceptable and soldiers are trained to cope with that environment. Their … Continue reading

It might be reliable but is it valid?

When we want to research something we often test our ideas or hypothesis using a range of experimental tests and designs. One of the most important things a researcher should ensure is that their test actually measures what it says it is going to measure, this means making the test valid. There are two main … Continue reading

Does owning a pet reduce stress levels?

If you own a pet, whether it is a cat, dog, hamster snake or whatever, do you feel that spending time with them is some what therapeutic? As though stroking them or even talking to them has reduced anxiety or stress, or do they change your emotional state? There is already a form of treatment … Continue reading

Effects of Music on Driving

Many drivers have a different technique whilst driving and different experiences, some listen to music and some do not. Some people are cautious drivers and others reckless, but does music influence the type of driver you are? Those who do listen to music have a variety of genres to choose from, but does the type … Continue reading

Raised by wolves

Our first words are typically things like mummy or daddy; however they are often random too. Language develops throughout childhood, it progresses from babbling noises to sentences, into complex sentences containing meaning and purpose (Gleitman, Gross, & Reisberg, 2011). The environment around us will have heavy influence on language development. So what happens to those brought up … Continue reading

Substance Abuse – smoking

Smoking is an addiction and it is just one of many. People can be addicted to video games, work, gambling and eating. What is it that initiates that first try of a cigarette and why do people continue to crave it? Is it really a choice? There are countless reasons to stop and evidence to … Continue reading

Experimental Design – Matched Pairs

There are three types of experimental design these are independent groups, matched pairs and repeated measures. The matched pairs design focuses on matching one participant up with another, but the person they are matched with will share similar or exact traits such as IQ, age or ethnicity. It would be easier just to use twins … Continue reading

Free Will, Do we really have it?

Sure we all have the right to make our own choices, but when it comes to certain aspects of our lives do we really have the free will to make our own decisions? You can choose who you have relationships with, you can pick  what you want to eat everyday and you can go to … Continue reading