Posted in October 2011

Experimental Design – Matched Pairs

There are three types of experimental design these are independent groups, matched pairs and repeated measures. The matched pairs design focuses on matching one participant up with another, but the person they are matched with will share similar or exact traits such as IQ, age or ethnicity. It would be easier just to use twins … Continue reading

Free Will, Do we really have it?

Sure we all have the right to make our own choices, but when it comes to certain aspects of our lives do we really have the free will to make our own decisions? You can choose who you have relationships with, you can pick  what you want to eat everyday and you can go to … Continue reading

Why do we believe in things we cannot prove?

Blog number two please read, comment and rate using the stars at the bottom 🙂 Everyone has a belief in the world. Whether its religion the paranormal or even just the way we believe the world is round and gravity is what keeps us grounded. But have you ever sought for this information yourself or had a … Continue reading